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Mixed Up Base Maps

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Mixed Up Base Maps Empty Mixed Up Base Maps

Post  Blanci Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:37 pm

I noticed many maps seem to have been classified as "mixed base" even when there seems to be no mixing of the bases.  For example
A seperatism2!!   by knbys
It is difficult to understand this classification as mixed base. There are more examples. If anyone has any idea what happened please inform.

Here is link to original discussion in the old forum on mixed bases
The opening post is copied below for ease and in case of problems with the old forum (note the latter isnt totally functional at present)
There are also several interesting detailed replies discussing these kinds of maps which can be read at above link.  


Postby blanci1 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:00 pm
Posted below is a list of what i think is best termed "mixed-up bases" or mixed bases. So called " weak base" maps should usually be found under partially mixed bases I think (the logic being that in fully mixed, that none of them would be weaker than any other).

Nowadays there are many maps where the bases are all mixed up and sort of dotted around , often alternating : home , enemy, home, enemy .... going around the map.
This is very different, both visually and gameplay-wise, from the standard kind of map where all the home bases are more or less over one side or in one corner while the enemy is on the other side, (in a familiar chess type face off set up), resulting in a more or less well defined front line (or curve) dividing the map in half.
Gameplaywise, the totally mixed-up bases offer a very different kind of challenge. The map divides into numerous "cells" one for each base, with the base located somewhere central (like a nucleus). The "sphere" of influence (bubble) for each base expands irregularly during the opening until bumping into an expanding enemy bubble, creating one of a myriad of "front lines" The expanding cells finally occupy all available territory.
The total quantity or length of front line is much greater, the "battle" is much more open .. reducing the value of indirects considerably, particularly early on, and particularly in Fog Off. Indirects generally might only appear later when there are many units for shielding, or in Fog they may come out and risk forest hopping with less sheilding than is possible on standard map. Clearly, the battles should be much more fluid and evidently stand-offs much less prone to occur.

Perhaps, such maps are somewhat "unrealistic" or unlikely in real world, (but so what?).
Certainly, they would seem to be more difficult to play accurately, being less intuitive (especially for players accustomed to classic set up).  But mixed-up bases do have their advantages (fluidity, ?..) and as a gameing experience they seem to be a perfectly valid kind of map and mode of battle.  The totally mixed base map would appear to be at one extreme.. there are of course intermediate maps with lesser mixing.
Mixed base maps probably have somewhat modified CO tiers too. Eg. boosting Max, Kindle?, Lash?     Examples below  :


wormy / heartless

moats and black-boats/ xushu

Fragmentation/ i-rob (airob??)

Ring-Around the Roses/ Kruegster

a horror youve never met before/ i am not airob

B1 war classified area / i am not airob

upping the ante / walkerboh

more :-
dark forest, forest maze, grey woods, high chaos
all by "i am not airob" link above


joriz with the lot / red11

sun tzu war academy / Red11

A´dam Herengracht / by Joriz::

and also by Joriz:: we have A´dam Museumplein and A´dam Houtmankade


warcrisis / by 5312

aincient battleground/airob

first to fall / clover fanboy

something about mountains / i am not airob

an early bizzare one
A game of bridge / peter91 Feb 2006 ! fta counter

a big one with wierd mech and factory surrounded by mountain clusters
contempt / red113

a huge map speeded up with pre-deployed..
lions of the desert /red11

laticauda /xepa


lets kill melon land/ smackcakes

red11 force control
http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php ??

red11 "i dont agree with you"
http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php ?????wont give ID

wilderness warfare/ xushu

caustic finale/hellraider

in the valley of death / taz

battle of thermopyrae / harsha ---(topologically mixed if not geometrically..maybe just multi fronts?)


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Mixed Up Base Maps Empty Re: Mixed Up Base Maps

Post  Blanci Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:12 pm

OK After perusing the site mixed base maps category I suspect something in common with a lot of the more recent additions which have been strangely mis-classified as mixed base maps.
It would appear that any map which doesnt have the usual 2 or 3 bases is classified as "mixed base" !? whether or not there is actually any mixing.
We really need a better name for this other kind of map, perhaps High Base Count Maps or some such.


Posts Posts : 156
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