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dpsi/Jokas Collaboration Analysis

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dpsi/Jokas Collaboration Analysis Empty dpsi/Jokas Collaboration Analysis

Post  dpsi Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:20 pm

This is a collaboration analysis between myself and Jokas. My comments are written in brackets.

Please refer to this game using the following videos:

Day 5  BM:
Idea is to not follow  VB with his move in (11,05) with an inf, Olaf should prefer to allow VB to cap(09,09) due to VB's d2d. VB will have an income advantage and Olaf should prefer security.

The placement at (06,12) with an inf starts to zone some opponent inf and set up a defense. Inf in (08,14) is not a mistake but less strong, imo due to the matchup VB vs Olaf. [dpsi: this inf does nothing but cap (4, 12) and doesn’t contribute much to zoning/defending in the coming turns. Moving south and having the option to interrupt (10, 10) is my personal preference]

Day 7 AB:
Olaf maximize his money [dpsi: Jokas says “maximize money” to mean spend as much bank as possible]. That means more unit value, which will help him to offset the income disadvantage he will have. Mech built in center for start to set up defense left side. The aim is simple for him: stalemate left side and contest right side. It's a general strategy with Olaf: he push weak side and he stale strong side and if he has a good timing he paralyzes his opponent in his weak side and make a breach in his strong side, due to Winter Fury. So it gives him a serious initiative and a "Winter Fury pressure", because if his opponent waits, his strong side will be paralyzed ect ect.

Day 10 AB:
Olaf continue his main strategy with strong side/weak side. Spam tank in right side is really important for continue to have superior number of active tank. Here it's 3 active tank vs 2 active tank. So Olaf has more zoning in this side, which is perfect for him. In his weak side, he lose one infantry but def a city [dpsi: I agree that this is a great sacrifice].
Furthermore mech and arty start to make a good wall and tank in (01,10) will be useless for pressure Olaf's cities. All is fine for him. Second arty is built in center to unlock the pipe seam. If VB isn’t more aggressive, he will soon have problems when Olaf sets up a very solid wall because his strong side/weak side strategy will work.

Day 10 BM: VB build a MD tank, which is questionable. Mech in (18,02) is a mistake because an inf was better for capture tower. He lose 2000 gold. Furthermore, he has a income advantage but he doesn't maximize his money. That means he doesn't really have a unit number or unit value advantage; it’s just an "artificial”, little advantage, which is not good for him [dpsi: I’m not convinced 4600 is too much to bank this turn, but I agree that not spending money is wasteful]. VB needs to profit of his early advantage for taking a better positioning and use his income advantage to have a better unit value or unit number. Else, he will just regret to build unit when Olaf grows his power meter. I need to explain clearly this fact because it's important. It's not a tactical error, ofc. But strategy => tactic and we will see the accumulation of little strategical mistake with involve a tactical mistake. That why it's important to understand one thing: when make a tactical mistake, in general, it's because you made some strategical mistake. Maximize money is a really important thing in high level play.

Day 11 AB: Olaf takes airport first, of course. Money is important for him for continue to stack unit value and follow his main strategy and also to contest VB. VB doesn’t maximize his money, but Olaf does, so in 3 turns, even with less income, Olaf has a better army because VB has less pressure because he WAITS for build his units and pressure Olaf. Olaf place a tank in (19,10). I will explain this strange move. For me, it's not a mistake but it's debatable. The first important thing is because VB didn't build a tank on the right side (only a MD and he will hit the pipe seam with it). So even if Olaf lose one tank, it's a 3v3 active tank. But why the sacrifice? For two reasons. First I wanted bait the tank in (13,09) to have more control in right center because I will open a pipe and start to spam tank. Secondly, because I smell it's a opportunity to charge my power bar. I will have exactly one star, but one star is important. And I will have one turn for a better placement in right/center. So for me, it's ok. But notice this move is risky if Olaf didn't have the arty in (18,15) because VB could continue to attack one tank and be on city in (19,10). This possibility charges Olaf's power bar but gives a good unit value advantage to VB because if he builds two tank, he can have the superiority of active tank. Notice how the tank in (03,08) don't know how to be active.

Day 12 BM: A typical example of strategy involve tactic. VB know he need to be more offensive, so he push and hit inf in (06,11) and place a mech in city in (10,10) and after
that he need to shield with inf because his tank did right side for kill one of Olaf's tank. A good thing was to have a formation who control a little more the right center. But one of problem is his precedent move. He didn't have enough active tanks in center and he didn't have enough zoning pressure in square like (11,12) and (17,09).

For example, if VB overextend in center with a good formation, Olaf can push in right side and pressure city in (17,09). VB lock base in center with an arty in (08,09) but Olaf had build his important tank on this base (for conserve the superiority of active tank) so Olaf don't care. He just will spam inf and push right side with a better unit value. Olaf is still following his main strategy.
[dpsi: sure, I’ll agree that I could have used a tank for zoning in center-right, but the inf positioning on the right is just an outright blunder, very avoidable. The inf attack on the left were to give my arty some breathing room, and the exchange is a little questionable, but the outcome of the base lock is probably worth it]

Day 13 AB: Olaf place an important arty in (10,15) and don't lose time with inf in (07,11). He want unlock mid airport as soon as possible. I decided to do that because hitting the bboat helps me to charge my power bar too, and I want charge my power bar as soon as possible because I have a strong right side. An aggressive formation is made with tank in right side for try to catch inf (10,10);(11,10);(10,11) and (11,11). Furthermore, Olaf continue to spam copter in right side because if VB build an AA for this side he will build one less tank by turn. That mean Olaf will conserve the superiority of active tank. I will explain why copter for Olaf are little more important than with other CO.

Day 13 BM: The key moment of this game. VB try to save his infs but he doesn't make a super solid formation. Furthermore, he has not enough tanks on this side. I think vs a CO other than Olaf, it could be ok. But not vs Olaf because with this formation, it helps him to follow his main strategy: push or trade strong side, stale and protect city weak side. Than charge super CO power and make a big push in strong side for paralyze VB's strong side and break his weak side. But due to a lack of tank in this side VB couldn't place his tank just in front of his arty. So making a good wall and a good zoning at the same time is a hard thing. Now why spam copter with Olaf ? For two good reasons. First,
copter is literally one star if it die. So copter help Olaf to play with his strength: his super strong SCOP. Secondly, because due to snow, it's easy to make a configuration who will save copter to AA. For example, a VB's AA def a tank at 5 squares. Olaf's copter hit the tank, than he use SCOP and due to snow, AA can't kill copter. So, snow is a really good tactical advantage, and a lot of player forget this... Same thing if an opponent try to protect copter with an other copter. During snow, a copter has only 3 movement, witch is terrible and give to Olaf a superiority of air control for one turn. So he can exploit this fact for make a good tactical turn and after this, he can win the air battle and conserve this advantage. That why Olaf need a good quantity of air unit, and especially Bcopter.
For comeback to the game, unfortunately for dpsi, this formation is a bad formation because he play vs Olaf. I want insist with one thing: dpsi said in his video it was a tactical mistake, but in fact and imo, it's not really a tactical mistake. It's a strategical mistake. [dpsi: I can halfway agree with this. More tanks on my part would have made a large difference, but the only reason this emergency formation came up is because of my poor infantry movements]

Day 14 AB: Olaf charge only 2 star but due to his sacrifice before, he has 3 stars. He sacrifice an other copter so he will have 4 stars. If VB make a slow push right side, I estimated I will have a little more than 5 stars, witch is a good thing because if he make a slow push, I have again the superiority in right side. And copters could finally contest center (with a slow push).

Day 14 BM: But DPSI decided to make a strong counter push and to take Winter Fury in the face. I think slow push could be a little better but not enough for comeback to the game. [dpsi: I don’t think retreat is possible, his followup would be devastating. I believed my only hope is to spread dmg across many tanks, bringing as many down to 5HP as possible to slow the attack. The bopter placement at 10,9 is a blunder that hurts a lot. Moving the Md tank to the left front turned out to be a very poor decision]Notice how the copter in (10,09) is protected by other copter. It's an example of what I said: copter in (06,07) will not help his friend in (10,09) due to snow.The only last thing for Olaf is to secure a bait on the VB's SCOP for be sure it hit his weak side (so left side) and not his strong side. And continue to spam tank and copter and VB will not have any answer.

Day 15 AB: Winter is coming ! Notice how Olaf continue to maximize his money every turn. It's really important for conserve his initiative ! The more unit Olaf has, the more fasthe will use his second Winter Fury.

Day 18 AB: Second Winter Fury ! VB resign !

GG DPSI !! A very interesting game Wink


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